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V-Kol Media Ministries has hosted multiple media schools over the years.  If you would like to be informed about upcoming schools please sign up for our e-mail list here: Sign Up


About V-Kol Media Schools:

We believe there are many that God is raising up in this generation with a heart to give it all for Jesus. We also believe there are many who are being marked specifically to forerun in the area of media / film production to advance the gospel, God’s heart for justice in the earth and the prayer movements. That is why this school exists.  This school is a part of the move of the Spirit to raise up a generation of media missionaries who will proclaim God’s goodness through media to the ends of the earth.




About The Instructor: Jonathan Nixon

The son of an Australian evangelist, Jonathan Nixon has a mission to produce inspirational and thought provoking media that explores Spiritual and Supernatural phenomenon.

After 10 years in Hollywood producing, directing, and shooting film and television projects for clients such as: Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, CBS, MTV, FOX, and E! Entertainment, Nixon was frustrated, as a born-again Believer, how little effect he had on the content of the projects he was involved with.

Then, he had an angelic visitation. The Lord presented him with a blueprint of how to create, produce, and complete media projects that explore Spiritual concepts for a secular or un-churched audience. The feature length documentary and book, ANGEL STORIES, is the first fruits of that blueprint.

Under his Tentmaker Film Company banner, Jonathan Nixon is currently developing a series of supernatural themed documentaries including: “Modern Day Prophets,” “Unlocking Dreams & Visions,” “Signs and Wonders” and “Portals To Heaven.”


Films Produced By Previous V-Kol Schools & Schools Run by Jonathan Nixon:

 Click here to see more films V-Kol students have produced.


Instructors In Previous V-Kol Media Schools Have Included:

Jacob Lienau – Team coaching on camera, lighting, set set up, editing and production.
Ron Lucarelli – Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects.
Allen Brown – Sound recording and engineering.
Instructors will vary from school to school.



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